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Changes to cursor.sort page



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      Suggested changes to page http://docs.mongodb.org/master/reference/method/cursor.sort/

      • Provide examples which show how sort affects results, eg an unsorted output vs a sorted output.
      • Provide examples of ascending and descending order on result outputs.
      • Use the same consistent collection and documents for all examples
      • The limit documentation could be clearer for new users. We should fully explain that as long as "limit" number of documents requires less than 32MB the sort will continue
      • We should provide some form of example to illustrate using sort and limit to get under the 32MB limit (or link to a tutorial where we do this)
      • "by way of an optimized algorithm". What algorithm? What does it do? This feels like us abdicating an explanation to "magic". We should either explain things or remove this reference. Alternately, we could link to a page which explains the algorithm for expert users.
      • Natural order is not really "Order stored on disk", its the order stored within our extents (collection level data storage extents, not on disk storage extents). It may be better to call natural order the "storage order", then provide some relevant examples and then refer to a natural order page for more details.
      • Natural order can change if documents are deleted and new documents inserted into the now free spaces, not simply when updates move documents




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