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MMS OnPrem 1.4.3: Change log updates

      Backport to OnPrem 1.4 branch. Updates to Server Change Log and Monitoring Agent Change Log. To be published on 7/22.


      On-Prem MongoDB Management Service Server 1.4.3
      Released 2014-07-22

      • Fixes problems automatically assigning MMS Backup jobs to an MMS Backup Daemon for 2.6.x clusters using authentication and the built-in clusterMonitor role for MMS Monitoring.
      • Fixes problem importing email addresses for users when utilizing the MMS LDAP integration
      • Fixes rare race condition that can cause high CPU usage in MMS HTTP Service if it is unable to connect to one of its backing databases.
      • Security enhancements


      Monitoring Agent
      Released with OnPrem 1.4.3

      • Improved logging for MongoDB 2.6 config servers when connecting with a user that has the built-in clusterMonitor role.
      • Fixes issues with connecting to replica set members that use auth with an updated Go client library.
      • Added support for HTTP proxy configuration in the agent configuration file.
      • Agent includes support for an Offline data collection mode.

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