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MMS Instructions for Restoring from Replica Set omit a argument from ./seedSecondary.sh

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    • v1.3.13
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      The MMS documentation page for Restore a Replica Set from a Backup, under the section Restoring Each Secondary, Step 6 uses the following command-line invocation for seedSecondary.sh

      ./seedSecondary.sh <oplog-size-in-gigabytes>

      However, I have just downloaded a fresh backup from MMS, and have attached the seedSecondary.sh script. The seedSecondary.sh script looks like this:

      if [ "$#" -ne 2 ]; then
          echo "Usage: $0 MONGODB_PORT OPLOG_SIZE_GB"
          exit 1
      mongo --port ${1} --eval "var res=db.getSiblingDB('local').runCommand({ create: 'oplog.rs', capped: true, size: (${2} * 1024 * 1024 * 1024)}); if(!res.ok){throw res.errmsg;} else{db.getSiblingDB('local').oplog.rs.insert({ts : Timestamp(1411766369, 1), h : NumberLong('1401333684165020466'), op : 'n', ns : '', note : 'seed from backup service'});}"

      As you can see, the signature of the script appears to be different to what the documentation state.

      The corresponding page for MMS 1.5, as well as for MMS 1.6 also appear to have this same error.

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              9 years, 39 weeks ago