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Docs for SERVER-26514: Create command should take idIndex option

      Engineering Ticket Description:

      The create command should take the full _id index spec as the idIndex option.

      > db.runCommand({create: "c", 
      idIndex: {v: 1, key: {_id: 1}, name: “_id_”, ns: “test.c”}})

      Required options are "key" and "name". "key" must be _id: 1 and "name" must be "_id_". No options are allowed other than "key", "name", "v", "ns", and "collation".

      If the "collation" differs from the collection default collation, we reject the command. If "collation" is not present, the _id index inherits the collection default collation.

      If "v" is not present, it is set to 2 if featureCompatibilityVersion=3.4 and 1 if featureCompatibilityVersion=3.2.

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