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Docs for SERVER-22663: Make --shardsvr required for a mongod to be used as a shard

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      Engineering Ticket Description:

      3.4 onwards:

      a shard can become shard aware in two ways:

      • started with --shardsvr and shardIdentity document found on disk
      • started with --shardsvr and receive shardIdentity insert

      so, we will eventually reject all sharding commands if:

      • not started with --shardsvr
      • started with --shardsvr but not yet sharding aware


      for backwards compatibility with 3.2:

      a shard can also become shard aware if:

      • started with --shardsvr and receive command that initializes sharding awareness

      so (what this ticket does):

      reject all sharding commands except a whitelist of commands that initialize sharding awareness.

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