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MongoDB Atlas Major Version Upgrades



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      A few instances of the inline query have been posed to Support channels and might be resolved with a section regarding Version Upgrades in MongoDB Atlas:

      How to upgrade versions in MongoDB Atlas?

      For minor iterative versions the upgrade is handled via Automation and requires no interaction from the enduser.

      However, when creating a replica set in Atlas, the Configuration presents an option for MongoDB Version of which v3.2 and v3.4 are available (I believe the intent is for MongoDB Atlas to carry only the two most recent version iterations as possible selections).

      Similarly, while a cluster is operational one can navigate to Configure from the Clusters page and upgrade the cluster via the same MongoDB Version option.

      Major version upgrades require enduser interaction to upgrade and therefore might be better as a standalone Tutorial. The FAQ for Atlas does allude to the versioning process. Perhaps it could do with an update or a secondary link to a specific tutorial?

      An example of the process is inline:

      Upgrading the MongoDB Major Version

      1. From the clusters page select Configure.
      2. The second option MongoDB Version displays the current version of your cluster. By selecting the hyperlink text Change Version below the current version number one can select from the list of available versions.
        Important: Once upgraded to the most recent available version one cannot downgrade to a previous version.
        Note: When conducting an upgrade the MongoDB Atlas conducts upgrades in a rolling fashion. I.e. Atlas migrates one member at a time, starting with the secondary members first and then the primary. Some downtime will occur during the migration of the primary when the current primary becomes unavailable and lasts until the election of a new primary, generally under a minute.
      3. Once complete you will be able to utilize the desired version of MongoDB.

      There also exists a video tutorial on this topic.


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