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Provide view of tests sorted by sequence




      Proposed Solution
      We can rely on the page being added in EVG-14608 to provide an analog to the current mongodb-mongo-* Job Logs page for other projects. Clicking on this button in Lobster would navigate users to a list of all test logs generated within the task, sorted in chronological order. Users can then either click into individual tests to see where the cascading breakage occurred, or view all the logs within the task together to search across all of them in one Lobster window.
      If multiple test runners are being used within a task, we'd ideally rely on EVG-14847 so that the test results can be separated by runner.
      The original page added in EVG-14608 will display the links to test logs all on one page. To accommodate for projects that have thousands of tests in individual tasks, we should paginate the test results.

      Original Request
      Sorting by sequence is important when troubleshooting why tests might be failing because of side effects when you can limit your inspection to tests that ran before you.

      See EVG-6909


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