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Spruce host list UI is not discoverable



    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Major - P3
    • Resolution: Unresolved
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    • Fix Version/s: next_quarter
    • Component/s: ui
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      On the spruce host list UI, https://spruce.mongodb.com/hosts?page=0&sortBy=DISTRO&sortDir=ASC:

      • To filter a column, you have to click the magnifying glass in the column heading. This magnifying glass is 1) in the smallest font of any on the page and 2) in the palest color of any on the page. For a new user this UI element is invisible. I suggest either adding a textual note somewhere along the lines of "Click the magnifying glass icon in a column heading to filter" or rethinking this UI element entirely to make it more visible with usability testing by someone who has never seen this page.
      • The magnifying glass and the upward megaphone next to the status field have no tooltips, therefore it's impossible to tell what those UI elements do without invoking them. Most of the columns are hot spots for ordering asc/desc and those have tooltips explaining what would happen upon a click.
      • There is no indication of the hot spot for the magnifying glass, therefore it's impossible to tell where the cursor has to be positioned to click it. Obviously one can precisely get the cursor on the magnifying glass icon itself but since the icon is tiny this is not a user-friendly UI.


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