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      We encountered a few issue with the new Task UI that we would like to address, as well as some improvements that we would like to ask for.

      Old to new UI - test status within a task:
      In the old UI, upon loading the task page, the user can directly see all tests sorted by status along with pass/fail counters.

      In the current patch UI, when navigating to the task itself, we get only a pass/fail status but without any details. The user must go to another tab for that. even then - there is no pass/fail count. you can't know how many tests failed. Especially with tasks in MMS that have at times thousands of tests running - this makes it very hard to tell how bad the problem is. Is there a single failing test or 4,000.

      Another sub point to the above is about the default sorting. I'm not sure what it is right now (likely by name?!) - but that prevents from seeing the important information about the failed tasks being first.

      Improvement - pass ratio compared to base commit

      Some tasks are known to have many flaky tests, the task will "always" fail. It would be nice to know how bad a failure is in comparison to the base commit. For example, if in the base commit 4 out of 4,000 tests failed, it would help to know if the test fail ratio (in this case 0.1%) remained similar to the base commit or not. Did we introduce 1 more failure or 1,000 more. It helps the developers focus on the bigger problems first.


      see attached images for examples.


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