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Group failures by test name, for a whole patch



    • UI


      Currently the Patch page shows a list of failing tasks. To view the failing tests, you open one task at a time.

      If many tasks failed, you want to know:

      • Did many different jstests fail?
      • Or did just a few jstests fail, on many suites?

      The summary could say:

      • jstests/core/a.js failed on 20 tasks
      • jstests/core/b.js failed on 21 tasks
      • jstests/noPassthrough/c.js is failing on 4 tasks

      Or, if many different tests failed it would say:

      • jstests/core/a.js failed on 2 tasks
      • jstests/core/b.js failed on 4 tasks
      • jstests/core/c.js failed on 1 task
      • jstests/core/d.js failed on 37 tasks
      • ...
      • jstests/core/z.js failed on 2 tasks

      This seems related to EVG-14902, but not the same. EVG-14902 is about an individual task, but ideally I would want to know which js files failed across an entire patch.

      It's also similar to EVG-14391 or EVG-14653. Those tickets are about making it easier to understand when many js files are failing from the same root cause. This ticket would be about understanding when many suites are failing from the same few js files.


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