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Jump to first user-bookmarked log line (if any) in Lobster on page load



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      Lobster currently supports the ability to bookmark one or more lines by double-clicking each line of interest. All bookmarks are stored in the page URL (along with other Lobster settings, e.g., filters), so they can be shared across users. In order to jump to a specific line, a user must click on the corresponding number in the left sidebar:

      Lobster always jumps to the first log line in the log file by default on page load, regardless of which bookmark(s) a user specifies. The first line and the last line in a log file are automatically bookmarked--i.e., Lobster adds these bookmarks to the page URL on page load. If there are bookmarks aside from these two, it would be preferable for Lobster to jump to the first non-automatic bookmark on page load instead. This provides feature consistency with the HTML log viewer's ability to jump to a linked line on page load.

      The only behavioral change of this ticket should be to load a different part of a Lobster log on initial page load, depending on whether there are nontrivial bookmarks. The page URL content should remain the same. Users can access the remainder of the log and jump to bookmarks by clicking on the left sidebar as normal.

      Original request:
      This ticket originates from a request made by Charlie Swanson to improve the experience around troubleshooting BFs. Original suggestion was to make the backtrace appear at the bottom, not before 1000 lines of the tune "shutting down server/cluster". Or to include a link to the failing line so you don't always have to "ctrl-f + 'failed to load'
      Suggested solution: Suggested by Max, enable jumping to specific lines in Lobster. It's something that Evergreen's task/system/agent logs and the HTML Logkeeper view both support.

      Future Work:
      Once this feature is available, It would be useful if the extracted lines in the BF(G)s had links to where they came from, like the github stack traces have links to the source code. 


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