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Improve the usefulness of task history for display tasks for generated tasks



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      The test results pane for an execution task (for example) links to a task history page for that particular execution task (for example, the timestamp_index_builds.js test link). This is unhelpful for a couple reasons:

      • The usage of generated tasks for the mongodb-mongo-* projects makes it so that the name of the execution task is unique to a single build variant. The task history page exists in order to compare success/failure of a task over time across multiple build variants, but for generated tasks provides no more value than the task history drawer.
      • The "View All Tasks History" link (for example) isn't obvious what it is for and won't inject anything into the url to do the automatic "highlighting" of a particular test.
      • A given test may not always execute as part of the same execution task.

      What I think would make for a more pleasant user experience are the following work items:

      1. The task history links on both the execution task and display task pages always link to the task history for the display task when the execution tasks have been generated. The assumption I'd like to make for how people are using generated tasks is that a test within them isn't guaranteed to be permanently assigned to a particular execution task.
      2. Fix the test filtering on the task history page for display tasks. All of the boxes are made small+faded because they aren't considered to match, even when one of their constituent execution tasks match (for example).
      3. Fix the tooltips for the task history page (this appears to apply to the execution tasks as well) so they show the names of the tests which failed in that task.

      The task history drawer also presently doesn't allow users to navigate to a particular unscheduled display task and schedule it like they would other tasks. The user instead needs to navigate to the task history drawer for a generator task to schedule it. Ideally, the user would instead be able to navigate to the display task's history drawer, and schedule the task in full without any need for awareness of generator tasks.


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