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Version v2017.02.01


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Released: 31/Jan/17

Release Notes

Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-24write README files for amboy and curatorSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-111curator hang during s3 syncSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-114curator jobs should use amboy.JobBaseSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-115shell-operation expects test to failSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-118add queue implementation that randomizes the order of items.Sam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3TaskMAKE-119Greenbay uses `pip info` instead of `pip show`Brian SamekResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-120Specifying --test to greenbay runs "all" suite and not that testSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-121Greenbay uses `gem which` instead of `gem list -i`Brian SamekResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-122panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference in command_group.goSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-123add ability for curator to expose path's of artifactsSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3TaskMAKE-125curator won't buildSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-127build curator artifacts for wider matrix of platforms. Sam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-131Remote Operated GreenbaySam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-132Build greenbay for Windows, Solaris, and 32-bit LinuxSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-133Update curator/amboy/greenbay to use latest version of grip (logging library)Sam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-134json: cannot unmarshal number 18446744073709551000 into Go value of type intSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-135Windows is missing some greenbay checksSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-137add amboy helpers to wait for a single job to be complete Sam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-138Strip Windows newlines in Python module checkBrian SamekResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-139irp-stack-size: problem getting value of IRPStackSize ValueSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-140Add ability to run commands before a compile checkSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-141Add ability to pass cFlags when we run binary in CompileAndRunSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-142Use python in path for run-program-system-pythonBrian SamekResolved
Major - P3TaskMAKE-144Fix windows compile checks in greenbayBrian SamekResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-145go build command-line-arguments: ar: exec: "ar": executable file not found in $PATHSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-146curator sync to, with delete, at the root of the bucket has errorSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-147curator should log json formatted system and process information information Sam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-149curator should not attempt to upload directories during syncSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-150sender with log format that includes call siteSam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-151add buildlogger client Sam KleinmanResolved
Major - P3BugMAKE-153limitCheckFactory does not correctly handle negative valuesBrian SamekResolved
Major - P3New FeatureMAKE-155set much lower timeouts on s3 client in curatorSam KleinmanResolved
Minor - P4New FeatureMAKE-117amboy.Queue Wait method should be removed from the interfaceSam KleinmanResolved
Minor - P4TaskMAKE-126Update curator help textSam KleinmanResolved
Trivial - P5BugMAKE-116Typos in README.rstStephen StenekerResolved
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