Version 1.5.0


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Released: 04/Apr/14

Release Notes

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Blocker - P1TaskPHP-739Audit extension for deprecations of functionality to be removed in 1.5 UnassignedClosed
Critical - P2ImprovementPHP-851Add MONGO_HAVE_* constants and make sure MINFO contains this tooHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-578No need to call ismaster 2timesHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-705Throw exception when overflowing message size in OP_INSERT batchesUnassignedClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-708WriteConcern failure exception should include the entire GLE documentJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-714Convenience macro for getting mongoclient*Derick RethansClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-778Deprecate static propertiesHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskPHP-794Remove 'fd' property of MongoCursorExceptionHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-796Modifying MongoDate internal properties evilnessHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskPHP-797Deprecate public propertiesHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskPHP-798Rename "timeout" to "socketTimeoutMS" in $optionsDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskPHP-804Deprecate Mongo::connectUtilDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-809Deprecate use of "safe" all over collection.cDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-812Remove unused MongoDBRef::$refKey && MongoDBRef::$idKeyDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-813IS_SCALAR_*() doesn't account for resourcesDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-815MongoCursor ctor doesn't validate the MongoClient objectDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskPHP-818Deprecate "Mongo" in favour of MongoClient.Derick RethansClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-819Add Mongo[DB|Collection]->[get|set]WriteConcern()Hannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskPHP-824Deprecate the "wtimeout" option in crud operations for wTimeoutMSDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-831SASL Support (SASL Plain)Hannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-832SASL Support (SASL Kerberos) Hannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-833Add the MongoClient::killCursor method to kill a cursor on the server on 64-bit platformsDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-835Driver interprets 'err' property as MongoCursorExceptionJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-842Document core class [get|set]WriteConcern() methodsJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-844driver must authenticate before calling isMaster()Hannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-845Ability to use different SPN on the driver for Kerberos AuthenticationHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-848Invalid read in masterHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-861Add maxTimeMS() method to MongoCursor to configure the maximum time a query can takeDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-873Support the MONGODB-X509 authentication mechanismHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-875Add support for cursor for aggregationDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-876Make the driver check for the server version upon connectionDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-880New write operation method for insert, update, removeHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-882mongo_connection_get_server_version memleaksHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-883php_mongo_dbref_create() doesn't handle MongoId valuesJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-886Add support for secondaryAcceptableLatencyMSHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-888DBRef refactoring broke BC for $id parameter handlingJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-900Cannot switch from majority to lower WriteConcernJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-902Segfault when unregistering broken serverHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-903Improve the Stream Notification APIHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-914aggregation: need an explain facilityHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-923Drivers should only talk to servers with overlapping wire versionsHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-938please update description of 'fsync' write concern flagJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-941Throw MongoConnectionException on stream failuresHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-942Throw MongoDuplicateKeyException on duplicate key errorsHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-944Support $out aggregation pipeline operatorHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-949ensureIndex() creates wrong namesJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-951Provide API for getting latest server version or isMaster response in driverUnassignedClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-955Switch the default mongo.native_long to 1 for 64bit platformsDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-960Use createIndexes command when availableDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-962Create constants for additional binary data subtypesJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-965Documentation for MongoId::isValid()Jeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-971Remove mongo.native_long for 32bit platformsDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-972Support parallelCollectionScan commandHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-981Empty document should not throw exceptionHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-983Change nUpdated to nMatched in bulk api resultsUnassignedClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-987Use maxWriteBatchSize from ismaster for write command batch splitting.Hannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-990Implement Batch Write APIHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskPHP-993Merge batch return values into one return valueHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-995JSON detectionUnassignedClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-996Broken with cyrus-sals 2.1.23Hannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-1006Document deprecation of MongoCollection::ensureIndex()Derick RethansClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-1007Add MongoClient->[get|set]WriteConcern()Jeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1010MongoCollection::commandCursor should not require batchSize option to be set manuallyDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1011MongoDB and MongoCollection do not inherit string write concernsJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1012MongoCollection doesn't respect its own write concern for GLE opsJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1013Read preferences are not respected with command cursorsDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-1015Document MongoWriteBatch and related classesHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-1016Document MongoCollection:createIndex()Derick RethansClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-1021Support maxTimeMS option on MongoCollection::findOne()Jeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-1022Create MongoCollection::aggregateCursor() methodDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1027Support maxTimeMS and exceptions in MongoCollection::group()Jeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-1028Support $options arg in MongoCollection::aggregate()Hannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-1030gridfs chunksize should be lowered to 255KJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-1031Implement MongoWriteBatch method to return current batch sizeHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-1033Organize third-party code and license informationDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1034Ensure MongoCommandCursor implements Iterator interface properlyDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePHP-1035Add third arg to MongoDB::command() to collect server hash by referenceJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1037add allowDiskUse:true to the top-level of an aggregate commandHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1038Segfault in php_mongo_enforce_batch_size_on_command()Jeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPHP-1039Use dropIndexes command instead of deleteIndexesJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3TaskPHP-1040MongoCommandCursor::key() should not return _id fieldJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1041Off-by-one error in MongoCommandCursor::key() indexJeremy MikolaClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1046Command cursor doesn't check if cursor existsDerick RethansClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1047Index order can't be booleanUnassignedClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1048Segfault during shutdown after mongodb failoverHannes MagnussonClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1049MongoCollection::aggregateCursor batch size defaults should be: 101, 0 (server default)Derick RethansClosed
Major - P3BugPHP-1050MongoCommandCursor->dead() changesDerick RethansClosed
Minor - P4TaskPHP-407MongoBinData should default to type 0 instead of 2Jeremy MikolaClosed
Minor - P4TaskPHP-657Add deprecation notice to MongoCursor::slaveOkayHannes MagnussonClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPHP-712findAndModify returns empty array when nothing is foundDerick RethansClosed
Minor - P4Sub-taskPHP-763Create prototypes for MongoClient and Mongo classesHannes MagnussonClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPHP-774Deprecate the protected method MongoCollection::toIndexStringDerick RethansClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPHP-807Rewrite to_index_string to use smart_str and a real C functionDerick RethansClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPHP-837Handle cursor IDs for return with MongoCursor::info on 32bit platformsDerick RethansClosed
Minor - P4New FeaturePHP-868Method to check if string is a valid ObjectIdHannes MagnussonClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPHP-998Include maxWriteBatchSize and maxMessageSizeBytes in connection infoJeremy MikolaClosed
Minor - P4BugPHP-1019Empty Batch Insert should throw exceptionHannes MagnussonClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPHP-1026Include connection info in findAndModify exception messagesJeremy MikolaClosed
Trivial - P5TaskPHP-786Sort out includesDerick RethansClosed
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