Version 2.2


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Released: 30/Apr/12

Release Notes

Major - P3ImprovementPYTHON-287Better connection poolingA. Jesse Jiryu DavisClosed
Major - P3New FeaturePYTHON-296Support geventA. Jesse Jiryu DavisClosed
Major - P3BugPYTHON-308PyMongo should be able to store type 13 (Javascript without scope)Ross LawleyClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPYTHON-309start/end request support in ReplicaSetConnection A. Jesse Jiryu DavisClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPYTHON-312Can't create user with readonly privilegesRoss LawleyClosed
Major - P3BugPYTHON-322Sometimes causes _pinValue assertion in dbBernie HackettClosed
Major - P3BugPYTHON-327Security vulnerability identified in pymongo code (file \bson\time64.c)Bernie HackettClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPYTHON-328Support as_class in find_and_modify (was: as_class tries/fails to work with find_and_modify)Ross LawleyClosed
Major - P3ImprovementPYTHON-343Explicitly close socketsA. Jesse Jiryu DavisClosed
Major - P3BugPYTHON-344Pool.pool._check_closed should explicitly close sockets.A. Jesse Jiryu DavisClosed
Major - P3BugPYTHON-345Request sockets for inactive threads not closed in Connection.disconnectA. Jesse Jiryu DavisClosed
Major - P3TaskPYTHON-350Document batchSize betterBernie HackettClosed
Minor - P4New FeaturePYTHON-84Py3 branch / Support for Python 3Bernie HackettClosed
Minor - P4TaskPYTHON-96Look at async frameworks and see if any make sense to integrate.Bernie HackettClosed
Minor - P4TaskPYTHON-304Remove bson module aliases from the pymongo package.Ross LawleyClosed
Minor - P4TaskPYTHON-305Deprecation clean up.Ross LawleyClosed
Minor - P4BugPYTHON-316Exception thrown on exit, if ReplicaSetConnection is used.Bernie HackettClosed
Minor - P4BugPYTHON-318Cannot Pickle SON objects under protocol 2Ross LawleyClosed
Minor - P4BugPYTHON-319Space in passwordsRoss LawleyClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPYTHON-320Tests should not rely on Database.drop()A. Jesse Jiryu DavisClosed
Minor - P4BugPYTHON-332Only try IPv6 when it's supported.Bernie HackettClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPYTHON-335Unclear from docs how to kill one or many cursorsRoss LawleyClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPYTHON-340Allow option to db.current_op() to include idle connectionsMichael O'BrienClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPYTHON-341_is_command should not be neededBernie HackettClosed
Minor - P4BugPYTHON-342NUL in database name should raise InvalidNameBernie HackettClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementPYTHON-348Simplify migrating from Connection to ReplicaSetConnectionBernie HackettClosed
Minor - P4BugPYTHON-369TypeError: sequence item 2: expected string, AutoReconnect foundBernie HackettClosed
Trivial - P5BugPYTHON-317Incorrect parameter name at "collection" method "remove" [pymongo docs]Ross LawleyClosed
Trivial - P5TaskPYTHON-323Deprecate and Connection.set_cursor_manager()Bernie HackettClosed
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