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MigrationSourceManager may fail to emit the migrateChunkToNewShard due to stale ChunkManager info

    • Type: Icon: Bug Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • Affects Version/s: 5.3.0, 3.6.0, 4.0.0, 4.2.0, 4.4.0, 5.0.0, 5.2.0, 5.1.0, 6.0.0, 6.1.0, 6.2.0-rc0, 6.3.0, 7.0.0, 7.1.0, 7.3.0-rc0
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    • Catalog and Routing
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    • v8.0, v7.3, v7.0, v6.0, v5.0
    • CAR Team 2024-02-05, CAR Team 2024-03-18, CAR Team 2024-04-01, CAR Team 2024-04-15, CAR Team 2024-04-29
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      The scenario may be reproduced through the following sequence:

      1. A migration with "nss: collName, from: shardId1, to: shardId2" starts; the MigrationSourceManager gets instantiated on shardId1, and placement information gets retrieved; at the time of the retrieval, shardId2 owns 1 collection chunk
      2. A concurrent migration with "nss: collName, from: shardId2, to: anotherShardId" gets concurrently committed; shardId2 loses its last chunk (and the related op entry gets emitted)
      3. The migration started on step 1 is resumed; since shardId2 reacquires its first collection chunk, a migrateChunkToNewShard should be emitted - but the placement information is stale at the time it gets evaluated

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