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Released: 02/May/12

Release Notes

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Blocker - P1BugSERVER-5072Journal rotate with paranoid journaling caused abortMathias StearnClosed
Blocker - P1BugSERVER-5179shadow-utils dependency not correctly identified in mongo-10gen-server rpmMichael A. FiedlerClosed
Blocker - P1BugSERVER-5531replica sets mod_move.js failure on Concurrency builderAndy SchwerinClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-4294ReplicaSet Intial Sync gives replSet syncTail: 11000 E11000 duplicate key error indexKristina ChodorowClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-4692Read-only users should be denied access to system.users collectionMathias StearnClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-4892Running server in auth mode fails to close cursors leading to cursor accumulation on the serverAndy SchwerinClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-5142double check after lock that ShardChunkManager in trySetVersion needs to be rebuilt Greg StuderClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-5292Patch for SERVER-4333 for 2.0.xEric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-5348Redefinition of macros while using the C++ driver makes it unusable with larger application codeEric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-5384segfault attempting mapreduce with --noscriptingRandolph TanClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-5449Assertion failure writing to journal fileAndy SchwerinClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-5541crash in C++ client driver during shutdowing primary mongo server from repsetRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-447new aggregation frameworkChris WestinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-1163Writing 44K records a second and mongod.exe gives 'FlushViewOfFile failed 33' warning and then a client issueTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-1259replace "assert" with "verify"Eliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-1589Add Windows Service support to mongos.exeTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-1600add gcov option to sconsUnassignedClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-2581MR locks server for a long time in merge and reduce modes with many keysAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-2601Shared client buildAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-2988mongos fails to start initially when any config server is unavailableGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-3012JS "out of memory" should recover more gracefullyAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-3350Allow as the bind_ipBrandon DiamondClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-3562moveprimary moves all databases, including sharded collectionsGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-3574add numactl to init scripts Michael A. FiedlerClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-3575Stuck replication condition should be made very visibleKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-3632dbpath should use windows syntax on windowsEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-3637not in mem yield processGetMoreEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-3657Don't treat updates without upsert as a save() in shardingMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-3743hasShardKey should return false for non-exact queries on shardkeyMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-3768db.addUser() appears in shell history, with cleartext passwordsMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-3803btree cursor check location / key at check is invalid for v0 indexAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-3827upgrade pcre WAS: pcre_exec.c: jump to label 'L_RM1' from here skips initialization of 'heapframe* newframe'Eric MilkieClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-3873mongooplog -new tool for replaying oplogsEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-3884aggregation: add automated tests for sharded setupsChris WestinClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-3921Add command to force a secondary to sync from a specific replica set memberUnassignedClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4032mongos needs to report when a new replica set member is detected as primarySpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4150reimplement query using query optimizer cursorAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4194don't show writebacklistener in currentOps for sharded setups unless $all setEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4220refactor getChunkManager() and sharding code to better handle parallel queries.Greg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4231Building MongoDB C++ library requires unnecessary PCRE dependency Andy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4259must a failure of applyOperation_inlock() be handled in ApplyOpsCmd?Kristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4312Add "key" missing readline/bash (EMACS-style) command line features to the shellTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4315Make sure replica set primary does not disconnect unnecessarily on reconfigKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4328db level lockingDwight MerrimanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4332renameCollection across dbs doesn't replicate correctlyEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4333Add flag to the oplog entry for migration/sharding opsEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4367segfault in mongosMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4385SyncClusterConnection should refresh sub-connections on recieving exceptionsSiddharth SinghClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-4435aggregation: need a function to reconsitute ISODates from constituent partsChris WestinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4447mongos does not find one replicaset. Works after mogos restart?Spencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4496boost::lock_error on mongod shutdownDwight MerrimanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4502No chunk splits when using findAndModify() to upsertBrandon DiamondClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4527Suppress long query messages for oplog pullsEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4535the jsMode of MR calls finalize without the key as first argumentAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4554shard selection code asserts for certain unsatisfiable queriesAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4555check and clean sharding utilization of queryutil codeAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4557group commit assertion 'No space left on device' in diskfull testMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4612query idhack avoids sharding ownership information Eliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4617make _pinValue error message when killCursors called during getMore betterAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4619Relinquishing primary should be done in write lockKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4621noBalance flag for a collectionAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4652Don't use fallocate on NFSMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4707get rid of left:4 and attempt:0 from logEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4711Don't use masserts when getChunkManager() fails to find a current chunk manager. Greg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4715Check quota before deleting object to move in updateEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4725auto-migrates don't reload current sharding status...Brandon DiamondClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4729Query params are no longer included in slow query hits to MongoDB logsBrandon DiamondClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4731Removed replica set nodes should not appear as members of the replica set.Eric MilkieClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4733vague version error messagesGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4742slowWeekly/update_yield1.js test failureEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4743seg fault running evald.js in v8 buildbotAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4744slowWeekly/indexbg1.js test seems to fail consistently on v8 builbot machineAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4745Figuring out which shard to send a query to takes a long time when doing large $in queries on the shard keySpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4750Secondary syncs to another secondary that has slaveDelay > 0Eric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4763Make MemberCfg::_groups set threadsafeKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4770ensureIndex with unique and dropDups on multi-key field with multiple duplicates failsDan PasetteClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4776improper application of modifiers with numerically equivalent string field namesAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4777'weird case' assertion when mods on two nested fields are applied to a document with a duplicated field nameAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4783V8 sharding tests taking 10x as long as spidermonkeyAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4802Add -Woverloaded-virtual to CXXFLAGSMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4806check realloc calls in BufBuilder for memory allocation failureBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4810If a replica set member with higher priority comes online, current primary relinquishes primary stateKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4812killcursor messages sent via piggyback data, which may be sent later or not at allGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4829Compact command needs to update datasizeEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4834in Date_t toString and asTM assert if time_t is 32 bits and the value is > or < INT_MAX/MINMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4838buildbot wrong number of inserts b/c of weird writeback thingGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4841splitVector should be available from mongos (Hadoop Support)Eliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4844can't killop an aggregation operationChris WestinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4845Problem using $rename on indexed fieldsAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4853getMore doesn't check RS stateKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4859reenable SERVER-1900 checking in mr_killop.js testAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4860Add nupdated and nscanned when printing slow updates to logMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-486332-bit mongod.exe is no longer compatible with Windows XPEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4864certain new extent sizes may crash the serverEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4867Broadcast ops should be sent to all shardsMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4871Build system depends on implicit linking to pcreEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4872EXIT_KILL breaks systemdAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4875fix/improve client tarball buildingDan CrostaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4879update_yield1.js is failing in Slow Weekly testsEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4881move BOOST_ENABLE_ASSERT_HANDLER from pch.h to sconsAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4890DR102 on replicationKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4907sparse indexes break replication of array based operatorsAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4920auth3.js test failure with no blamelistKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4921replica_set_shard_version.js failing in V8 buildGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4938unimplemented $bitand and $bitor operatorsEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4947journal error - memory mismatch in closeall.jsMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4952mongofiles list will not display correctly when passing a database name with regex charactersRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4954Dropping a database of a sharded cluster that contains regex characters will not cleanup config docsRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4955Sharding a collection with a database name that has a regex character can result in a errorRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4968Aggregation fails with ambiguous assertion when applied to a collection with forbidden BSON typesChris WestinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4980covered index projection will be improperly applied when transitioning to a new $or clause in get moreAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4985connection id uses unsigned, should be long longBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4987new bigMapReduce.js issueRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4989MR: errors that happen during sharded post processing are ignoredAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4994can't run aggregation tests on WindowsDan CrostaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4995We should link against librt on solarisUnassignedClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5012Aggregation Framework $project Crashes Server when _Id is Removed in Prior $project Chris WestinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5013don't log lines over 100kEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5033Database with auth turned on and profile = 2 on the command line does not allow "show dbs" to be run from driverAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5034strange object behavior in v8 shellAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5057Linux64 Nightly Build Fails Building/Testing C++ client driverAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5061BSONObj and BSONElement::toString use too much stackMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5062parallel/del.js test seems not to be running correctlyAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5063$in on first compound key element and limit efficiencyAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5067Update using positional operator fails with indexed queryAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5069~ScopedDBConnection is vague and somewhat misleadingGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5071"smoke.py failingTests --only-old-fails --continue-on-failure" breaks on WindowsDan CrostaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5073replsetrestart1.js fails in 32-bit WindowsTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5078don't catch std::exception in Chunk::splitIfShouldGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5081getMostElectable can read freed memoryEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5089aggregation needs to yieldChris WestinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5093shard3.js memory corruption in Linux 64-bit buildEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5100writelocktry in replMasterThread may make reads hangEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5102Newly added 'firstExample' test failing Nightly Linux 64-bitDan CrostaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5108find7.js is failing in V8 build Linux 64Michael A. FiedlerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5109slowNightly tests with auth hangs OS X builder in weekly buildEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5110ReplicaSetMonitor::check not thread safe wrt _master Randolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5118better error message when can't log config changelog messageEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-5127Limit recursion depth of BSONObj::toString()Siddharth SinghClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5129sh.waitForDLock() needs to handle no-lock caseGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5135Journal compression ratio reporting is incorrectMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5147dumprestore9.js failing on OS X buildBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5151sharded count can return a negative value if a negative limit is suppliedRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5152Windows unhandled exception filter should report thread and fault addressTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5157Cursor id is being stored at mongos after reply is sent to clientRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5163Build failing on shard1.js testRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5171map reduce Config::outNonAtomic may be used uninitializedEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5172upgrade boost to 1.49 and import code into masterAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5178notablescan.js test fails during sharding_passthroughEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5183Get rid of setNoJournalAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5185valgrind with aggregation test suiteChris WestinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5186When mongod --shutdown is issued, an incorrect message is loggedMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5187mongod --shutdown flag should ignore the fork optionMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5193Enhance Windows unhandled exception filter reportingTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5206isMaster.localTime asserting in dbadmin.jsAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5209can't compare values of BSON types 16 and 18 Chris WestinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5210config database not restored during dumprestore9.js testSiddharth SinghClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5220Assertion error with data sets being in same order on master and slave during drop_dups.js testEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5223replsetprio1.js test failing on OS X buildbotKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5225slavedelay3 test failing on V8 build machineEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5238evalf.js test failing on dur_passthrough on V8 buildAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5244core suite fails with "not enough storage" error - Windows 32 bitEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5249Uncaught exception in sharding_rs2.jsGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5250Assertion error in mr_errorhandling.jsAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5255client build fails on "can't find text.h"Andy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5272Verify field order in processinfo_linux2.cppMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5274updatek.js failing in V8Antoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5287Errors in MapViewOfFile() might return incomplete data in a queryTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5288use no more precision than necessary when reporting explain outputAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5291"Too many open files" causing error in core testsDan CrostaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5293Intermittent assertion failures in profile1.js and profile4.js in small oplog modeAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5301performance regression with many indexes and few resultsAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5303yield when fetching a document for migrateEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5305"point not in interval" error in geo_polygon2.jsGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5308Random seed based tests are not deterministic on windowsTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5310fassert() failure in dumprestore10.jsAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5313Offset heartbeat reconnects so that they are unlikely to all fail due to temporary network blip Kristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5316"assert failed : No data on shard" in dumprestore9.jsAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5353_id query on capped collection warning can be printed incorrectlyAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5355negative count limit brackets result to 0Randolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5357Map/Reduce operation writes output data in primary node of replica set but not in secondary nodesAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5359initial_sync3.js failing on V8 buildAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5360improve error handling during initial syncEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5362ReplicaSetMonitor::notifySlaveFailure not thread safeRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5389bigMapReduce.js failing (post dur changes)Greg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5394balancer uses shardConnection to get config informationEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5395_balancedLastTime not reset when we have no chunks to balanceEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5402Solaris can't pushAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5403features3.js fails on countWriteBacksEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5405mongos does not send reads to secondaries after replica restart when using keyFilesGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5406mongos does not allow new connections for 30 seconds->a couple minutes when an rs member goes downGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5409can't find files on Windows buildTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5411cleanbb.py failing on builds with python < 2.5Dan CrostaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5451can't build clientBuildAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5464benchRun cleanup + add code to measure query latencySiddharth SinghClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5469can leak small extents after a drop()Eliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5480Mongos signal 11 crash when trying to process a writeback of a dropped collectionRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5495Changes to unittest framework breaking windows buildEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5499bench_test3.js failing on dur_passthroughSiddharth SinghClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5509Concurrency build hanging on background.jsEric MilkieClosed
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