Version 2.0.5


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Released: 09/May/12

Release Notes

Critical - P2BugSERVER-5348Redefinition of macros while using the C++ driver makes it unusable with larger application codeEric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-5384segfault attempting mapreduce with --noscriptingRandolph TanClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-5449Assertion failure writing to journal fileAndy SchwerinClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-5541crash in C++ client driver during shutdowing primary mongo server from repsetRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-1163Writing 44K records a second and mongod.exe gives 'FlushViewOfFile failed 33' warning and then a client issueTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-2988mongos fails to start initially when any config server is unavailableGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4385SyncClusterConnection should refresh sub-connections on recieving exceptionsSiddharth SinghClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4388newly sharded collection requires config info reload on the mongodGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4619Relinquishing primary should be done in write lockKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4777'weird case' assertion when mods on two nested fields are applied to a document with a duplicated field nameAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4810If a replica set member with higher priority comes online, current primary relinquishes primary stateKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4812killcursor messages sent via piggyback data, which may be sent later or not at allGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5093shard3.js memory corruption in Linux 64-bit buildEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5110ReplicaSetMonitor::check not thread safe wrt _master Randolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5187mongod --shutdown flag should ignore the fork optionMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5220Assertion error with data sets being in same order on master and slave during drop_dups.js testEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5221Collections remaining on slave at end of small oplog testsEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5357Map/Reduce operation writes output data in primary node of replica set but not in secondary nodesAntoine GirbalClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5404reconfig.js fails on mismatched error messagesKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5406mongos does not allow new connections for 30 seconds->a couple minutes when an rs member goes downGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5469can leak small extents after a drop()Eliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5542Race during static destruction of CommitJob objectMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5569objid6.js failing on dur_passthroughMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5645When applying changes in MigrateStatus::apply(), acquire the lock for each change, not for all changesBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5678assert in mongos_no_detect_sharding.js on 2.0 branchEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5754Initial sync assertion error with 2.0.5-rc0Andy SchwerinClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-5140SConstruct new smoke_python_name() hangs compilationAndy SchwerinClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-5358After an upgrade, --shutdown fails to shutdown the old version of mongodMathias StearnClosed
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