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Released: 23/Oct/12

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Blocker - P1BugSERVER-6925DR102 too much data written uncommittedEric MilkieClosed
Blocker - P1BugSERVER-7186Batched oplog application increases frequency of idempotency violationsAlberto LernerClosed
Blocker - P1BugSERVER-7229test failure in replset8.jsEric MilkieClosed
Blocker - P1BugSERVER-7339jstests/tool/dumpfilename1.js fails on Windows with Boost::filesystemv3 Andy SchwerinClosed
Critical - P2ImprovementSERVER-5845Cursor can get deleted because of timeout at the finish stage of a sharded map reduceRandolph TanClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-6671oplog is not strictly idempotent when unique index is presentEric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-6810Memory leak in mongos when using authBen BeckerClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-6825Hard shutdown can leave replication in unrestartable stateEric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-6902MongoDB 2.2 and MongoDB 2.0 cannot be mixed in sharded clusterSpencer T BrodyClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-6909verify assertion when new version of a document is requested that does not match dotted field expression of original query; excessive loggingEliot HorowitzClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-7003Deletions during chunk movement can cause migrations to failKevin MatulefClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-7040small oplog suite and manual execution of js tests that call startParallelShell do not work (small oplog / count8 buildbot failures)Spencer T BrodyClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-7329mongoimport does not report all failuresDwight MerrimanClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-1929handle replica set flappingKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-2001option to hash shard key Kevin MatulefClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-2561validate assumption in FindingStartCursor::prevLoc that a looped oplog will not have empty extents (or fix)Aaron StapleClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-3104index bound improvements for elemMatch query on multikey indexAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-3407oplog is not idempotent for array operators, which could lead to silent data corruption (without journalling)Alberto LernerClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4073getLastError should return the members that the write has been replicated toKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4161nscannedObjects is not calculated properly for covered index queriesAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4314Add support for boost filesystem v3Andy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4596dist lock may complete entirely before other lock done with tournament, unnecessary errorGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4781replica set initial sync failure when update cannot be applied to a future version of an object received via cloneAlberto LernerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4943$pop operator may replicate incorrectlyAlberto LernerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4944$pull operator may replicate incorrectlyAlberto LernerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-4945$addToSet operator may replicate incorrectlyAlberto LernerClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5112Need a better story for startup-time initialization of C++ modules.Andy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-5175Need "failpoints" system to facilitate testing core server.Randolph TanClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5211Refactor CmdLine::storeAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5354don't create field range for $atomicAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5561Move definition of BOOST_FILESYSTEM_VERSION preprocessor constant out of pch.hAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5705make db.printShardingStatus() print the shard key for every sharded collectionSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5728Regular Expression Query LimitationsRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5890HTTP Digest authentication doesn't work with Internet ExplorerTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-5939JavaScript version() function should return version stringSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-6051Consider moving memory.js from the jstests suite to slowNightlyAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6152mongooplog --help is wrongShaun VerchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6207Windows version of printStackTrace is not thread-safeTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-6336Use template language evaluator in benchRunSiddharth SinghClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-6450Use ps::Rolling to provide a working-set size estimateEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6540queueing writebacks register with lastError too earlyGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6672slaveDelay Setting Causes Replica Ops to be Applied in Batches at approximately the slaveDelay IntervalRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6678features2.js mr fails with 2.0 mongod 2.2 mongosGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-6694C++ driver for GridFS should create unique index on files_id, nSiddharth SinghClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6717The 'test' program does not log messages in msgasserted()Tad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6757map reduce double free when dropping source collection during yieldAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6759Nightly Subscription build failing on SUSEMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6762Assertion failure cursor.get() db/repl/../oplogreader.h 93Kristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6766DocumentSourceGroup does not properly serialize constant expressions, can cause a valid expression on mongos to be unparsable on shards.Aaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6778printStackTrace does not work when running as a Windows ServiceTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6779$coerceToBool cannot be serialized, causes verify assertion when some optimized expressions are sent to shardsMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6785Possible mongos memory leakBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-67932.2.0-rc1 stops responding to other requests with high-fault reads?Eliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6795ExpressionCompare incorrectly optimizes reverse sense expressions to a comparison with the wrong inclusivityAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-6808RecoveryJob shouldn't find MMF for each entryMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6809splitVector doesn't filter additional index fields when shard key is prefix of indexKevin MatulefClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6811prefix shard keys index bounds handlingKevin MatulefClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6814memory leak on page fault exception in BtreeCursorImpl::init()Eliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-6816Improve journal data handling after multithreaded batch writingEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6834jstests/sharding/read_pref.js fails sometimesTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6848SConstruct mixes tabs and spaces -- the tabs should be 8 spacesTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6856potential out of bounds read in prefetchRecordPages()Eric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6860Assertion: 13548:BufBuilder grow() > 64MB when trying to profile a huge documentRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6861pipeline parser allows multiple pipeline stage fields in a stage spec object, uses the last one only instead of triggering a parse errorAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6877mongodump raises BSONElement: bad type 117 errorSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6878distinct3.js test may leave an operation running after the test finishes; evalb does not restrict profiling query to operations the test itself generatesAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6881Do not replicate from hidden nodesKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6914jstests/dur/closeall.js failing in BuildbotTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6918jstests/geo_borders.js fails verify in debug buildsGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-6930Trim minvalid document to avoid "DFM::findAll extent empty" log messagesEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6931warning message occasionally logged incorrectly when a client cursor is exhaustedAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6943addTagRegion/addShardTag fail with 3 config server sharded clustersScott HernandezClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-6946Only send authentication table on commands when running with authSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6948Can't call commitIfNeeded in DBDirectClient::call if not write-lockedMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6956Chunk::splitIfShould does not acquire the distributed balance lock when moving chunksRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6960Build system produces incorrect debugsymbols archiveAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6993findAndModify positional operator regression with undotted query fieldsEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-7002wrap the profile code with try-catchRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7004db.hostInfo() crashes mongod with: Uncaught std::exception: basic_string::_S_createBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7006mongo tools seg fault in 2.2.0 with replica sets in connection stringSiddharth SinghClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7010ObjectId(ObjectId("4e859938e4b0c81c1411b0c7")) triggers stackdumpTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7017Rename of DB can cause overflow of namespace lengthDavid HowsClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7028ReplSetConfig constructor using DBDirectClient can trigger page faultsAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7031Windows service shuts down when user logs outTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7045validate command does not explain failure in all casesTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7061mongos can use invalid ptr to master conn when setShardVersion failsRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7062profile4.js buildbot failuresRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7099"Syncing to: hostname" can appear in the errmsg field from the response of replSetGetStatusRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7111DBClientReplicaSet::connect should not assert if primary is down but secondaries are availableRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-7116Configure MIT Kerberos dev/test platformAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7145Assertion in exportimport1.js test after importShaun VerchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7146new writeback_bulk_insert.js test failing Greg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7147Balancer interfering with moveChunk in shard5.jsRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7160Mongorestore doesn't auth against admin DB when using username and password argumentsSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7181Assertion: 13111:field not found, expected type 2 when an error occured during the index building phase in restoreRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7182Getting need to login error when trying to restore a single databaseSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7190Mongodump metadata.json files should be in proper json formatMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7198Do not go into rollback before reaching minvalidKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7199Bump minvalid when recloning ops on initial syncKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7204logging for shard selection for chunk migration is too verboseEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7230timing error in repl_monitor_stress.jsRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7238power of 2 allocation breaks with docs > 8mbEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7250c++ driver build broken on bson changeMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7253Do not use indirect pointer to call 'snprintf'Tad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7265fail_point_test failure on bbotRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-7289validate command should do more inexpensive testsTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-7290Make it harder to misuse failpointRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7300Race Condition in FailPoint::setModeRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-7302Add SpiderMonkey info to THIRD-PARTY-NOTICES fileIan WhalenClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7338jstests/sharding/sync6.js fails on Windows with Boost::filesystemv3Tad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7341Make mongorestore on Windows agnostic about directory separators (slash and backslash)Andy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7342jstests/disk/directoryperdb.js fails on WindowsAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7352Do not try to exit cleanly after unhandled exception in WindowsTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7362With Boost::filesystem v3 on Windows, we need to work with canonical file pathsAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7368replSetStepDown fails in stepdown2.jsKristina ChodorowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7371Fix corner case where an update mod is applied twiceEliot HorowitzClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-1887dropIndex not working if a name was specified during the ensureIndexTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-1994mongorestore doesn't return an error code to OS when the requested operation can't be completed.Adam ComerfordClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-2380Make db.printCollectionStats() behave the same way as db.collection.stats()UnassignedClosed
Minor - P4New FeatureSERVER-4045Display queries for getmore ops in db.currentOp() outputKevin MatulefClosed
Minor - P4New FeatureSERVER-5213add total connections ever opened to server statusEliot HorowitzClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-5635Feedback when 2D index values are out of rangeUnassignedClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-6224mongotop should give error message when trying to connect to a mongos instanceSiddharth SinghClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-6634Count accepts negative skip valuesShaun VerchClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-6736Inconsistent conversion from bytes to MB for oplog sizeAndrew EmilClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-6750Clarify message for error 10334 - Invalid BSONObj error when doing Map/ReduceJacopo CesareoClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-6765mongos_validate_backoff.js too sensitiveGreg StuderClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-6794Incorrect use of WSAGetLastError() to get file system error code (Windows)Tad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-6821findAndModify update code path didn't result in splits in findAndModify2.jsEliot HorowitzClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-6832sharding on prefix doesn't trigger "move top chunk" heuristic and causes assertion 10367Kevin MatulefClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7023Visual Studio rebuilds jsscan.c unnecessarilyTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7036long log lines are logged with added NULs when truncatedTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4New FeatureSERVER-7050C++ Driver to support creation of TTL indexesDavid HowsClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7104jsonString has incorrect output on undefined BSON elements.Shaun VerchClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7108Better message for uassert 9517Randolph TanClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7294Passing bad logpath to mongod/mongos should prevent server startup.Andy SchwerinClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-7344Provide function/variable interface for determining what javascript interpreter the shell and server are compiled withTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7409Ubuntu build failingAndy SchwerinClosed
Trivial - P5BugSERVER-6633Incorrect help text in shell -- o.isObjectId is not a functionShaun VerchClosed
Trivial - P5BugSERVER-6908Do not pass strings by value, pass by const ref (&)Tad MarshallClosed
Trivial - P5BugSERVER-6911TTL monitor reports "ERROR: error processing ttl for db" during initial syncKevin MatulefClosed
Trivial - P5TaskSERVER-7032add help for sh.addTagRangeShaun VerchClosed
Trivial - P5BugSERVER-7047validate command checks for "hudsonSmall": leftover code?Tad MarshallClosed
Trivial - P5ImprovementSERVER-7049Leftover test for incorrect 'assert'Tad MarshallClosed
Trivial - P5BugSERVER-7272mock_dbclient_connection.cpp compiler warning on Windows 64-bit 2008+Randolph TanClosed
Trivial - P5BugSERVER-7273documenttests.cpp:808 warning about int64->double truncationAaron StapleClosed
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