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Version 2.5.0


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Released: 22/May/13

Release Notes

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Blocker - P1BugSERVER-9087Index changes lost during initial sync periodEric MilkieClosed
Blocker - P1BugSERVER-9213Resource constraints cause premature OOM and segfaultBen BeckerClosed
Blocker - P1BugSERVER-9230v8 ObjectTracker isn't tracking uncollected objectsBen BeckerClosed
Blocker - P1BugSERVER-9385Shell ignores modified object's "_id" fieldMathias StearnClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-7892JS (v8) doesn't indentTad MarshallClosed
Critical - P2ImprovementSERVER-8169Need alternate password entry mechanism for PEM keyEric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-8420GhostSync::percolate() should refresh dead cursors with OplogReader::tailCheck()Eric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2ImprovementSERVER-8676Enable support for building against libc++ on OS X when building for C++11Andrew MorrowClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-8914Rename (serverStatus.metrics) "document.scanned" -> "queryExecutor.scanned"Scott HernandezClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-8984DBClientInterface::getLastError should test for command failuresScott HernandezClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-9027Using DBRef as shard key not working anymore in 2.2.0+Scott HernandezClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-9085db.replSetInfo() issue with converting OpTimes to secondsEric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-9089'Cloning' a document in JavaScript can create an empty _bson fieldMathias StearnClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-9182mongorestore won't restore manually edited .metadata.json file if user editor adds trailing newlineJ RassiClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-9242serverStatus workingSet and indexCounters not working on WindowsTad MarshallClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-9339rollback files missing after rollbackEric MilkieClosed
Critical - P2BugSERVER-9448Read-only receivers in MapReduce code cause modifications to be silently ignoredBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3QuestionSERVER-792Bind to localhost by default in RPM and debs onlyErnie HersheyClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-2771Background index builds on replica set secondariesEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-2898Inconsistency in recursive array matching semanticsEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4099Please Provide Windows Mongodb server in MSI package formatSridhar NanjundeswaranClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4100Please provide Windows mongodb client program in MSI formatSridhar NanjundeswaranClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4654stop setting 'args' in invokeMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-4739Race condition in log rotation (was: SIGUSR1 should set a flag rather than doing rotation)Eric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5099Non-ASCII text on the command line isn't handled well in WindowsUnassignedClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-5689The string "return," passed as a parameter to MongoDB function calls, causes Javascript to returnAndrew EmilClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-6243Fix all uses of shared_ptr<BSONObj>Mathias StearnClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-6400Refactor Matcher/QueryExpressionEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-6407Authenticate users via LDAP proxyAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6646Strings with NUL bytes don't round-trip correctly from BSON <-> JavaScriptMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6652memory leak on Matcher validation failure after _where allocatedUnassignedClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-6727Style fixes for earlier commitGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6947db.createCollection creates undefined fields which cause mongorestore to failShaun VerchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-6972C++ driver should use isMaster, not replSetGetStatus, to monitor health of a replica setSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-6991Add pool stats for ShardedConnectionGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-7172Build support libraries for update() operatorsAlberto LernerClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-7271On transient config server failure, mongod should not abortAlberto LernerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7355mongoimport cannot import a dump in json array format larger than 16MBShaun VerchClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-7388Implement all query operators using MatchExpressionEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-7390handle index coverings using new expression astEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-7391Parse bson queries into new MatchExpression ASTEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-7392Replace existing usage of Matcher where possible with MatchExpressionBenety GohClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-7445$in operator should require an arrayEliot HorowitzClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-7588mongo shell ISODate return bugTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-7760Add a map/reduce test for V8Shaun VerchClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-7772replication source code file reorgEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-7902mongo shell should read /etc/mongorc.js at startup before $HOME/.mongorc.jsAndreas NilssonClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8030mongo shell crashes with missing hostTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-8066mongorestore should ignore undefined optionsShaun VerchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8070Flush buffer before changing sync targets to prevent unnecessary rollbacksEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8280copydb command always requires credentials if the destination mongod is running with authentication, even if the source is running without itSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-8460Remove ScopedDbConnection::getScopedDbConnection factory functions in favor of instantiating ScopedDbConnections directlySpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-8463Add support to SConscript for enabling/disabling link-time-optimizationAndrew MorrowClosed
Major - P3New FeatureSERVER-8464Add build system support for C++11 enabled compilationAndrew MorrowClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8465SCons should honor CC and CXX from the environmentAndrew MorrowClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8466The --clang build flag should be eliminated in favor of accurately detecting what compiler is in use.Andrew MorrowClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8467Official support for building with clangAndrew MorrowClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-8471Remove Command::requiresAuthSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8502Running auth passthrough test with --authMechanism=CRAM-MD5 still actually runs with MONGO-CRSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8532Re-enable tests now that mongo shell reconnect logic for SASL auth is fixedSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8536reenable IndexRebuilder for background indexingEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8714findAllChunks / _findAllCollections leak memory on invalid chunksShaun VerchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8720Memory leak in DBClientReplicaSet::slaveConnRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8741mrShardedOutput.js failing on multiple platforms - ensure transferMods after commitGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8791Create a uniform index API across all types of indicesHari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8799Sort or Find on Symbol data type throws exceptionBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-8813Migrate to Cyrus SASL2 library for sasl authentication.Andy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8836sharding/remove2.js failing on Windows with "local database 'test' exists"Greg StuderClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8842SCons build should pass -mmacosx-version-min=<something> when building on OS XAndrew MorrowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8844mongos with --upgrade and missing --auth flag prints "config servers not in sync" messageGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8861GeoSearch::expandEndPoints can elicit --multiset::begin()Andrew MorrowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8873Bug in decision logic for whether a term in a document is a stopwordJ RassiClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8897Avoid using non-portable ##__VA_ARGS comma elision construct in mongo initializers facilityUnassignedClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8899upgrading ShardChunkManager without write lock on setShardVersion can cause errors on writesGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3TaskSERVER-8920Add new fields to dbStats command for pdfile versionJ RassiClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8921improve error message on invalid text index specJ RassiClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8933Fix multiVersion tests for 2.5.0 branchGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8936TestParsingOverflow unit test failingAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8938remove "noauth" global in code, replace with "auth"Spencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8943max connections is hard coded to 20,000Mathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8952constructors.js failing in debug modeShaun VerchClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8969Windows minimum version should be specified on the build command line, not in targetver.hAndrew MorrowClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8974$geoNear alias causes error when using with 2d indexThomas RueckstiessClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-8983Add error code for authentication fails - especially important for auditing productsAndy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8993New GetRecordAllocationSizeWithPadding unit test failingAaron StapleClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-8999Searches on partitioned text indexes return no results if "language" is specifiedJ RassiClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-9003Display replica set chaining topology in rs.status()Dan PasetteClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9014Mongod and mongos crash induced by many concurrent invocations of the getnonce command.Andy SchwerinClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-9022Enable mongos mode which releases ShardConnections to the pool after read opsGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9029Duplicate users in system.users causes problem with 2.4.x upgradeSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9041proactively detect broken connections detected by the networkUnassignedClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9054Update db.help() with new format for addUser()Spencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9061Mongostat 2.4 segfaults when called with multiple hosts and authSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9062mongod crashes when creating a "2dsphere" index on a large (~10 million docs) collection.Hari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9066Field names can be repeated in JavaScript when the same value is set multiple timesBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9082JSON parser doesn't accept simple DBRef $id values, like ints or stringsShaun VerchClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9088printjson/printjsononeline JS helpers may attempt to access the 'DB' object (even if it doesn't exist)Ben BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9093Make copydb command work with auth on mongosSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9125Unable to upgrade config metadata from v3 to v4 - 13127 getMore: cursor didn't exist on server, possible restart or timeout?Alberto LernerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9129Reset JS scope data after logout and loginBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9139cursor leak in mongos of unsharded cursorsGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9148In text searches with $near filter, results don't obey filterHari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-9151Write and check in new index API interfacesHari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-9163Add btree access method, move BtreeCursor to use it.Hari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-9164Port existing indices to new interfaceHari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-9165Migrate build/insert/update/delete/etc. to new interfaceHari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-9174Race condition on read_pref_rs_client.js after reconfig.Randolph TanClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-9185Add GC Prologue and Epilogue heap statsBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-9212Final hunt of all remaining uses of old interfacesHari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9214Phrase search won't match phrases that aren't space-delimitedJ RassiClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9228s2cursor can return dups when it yieldsHari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9229Windows 32bit failing intermittently on migrateBig.jsEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9251"Extra" fields added to lazy BSON V8 objects not order preservingMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9260Race in hash_presplit.jsRandolph TanClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9267Issues with readonly BSON in v8Mathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9307Server can abort SSL handshake for clients that have SSL session caching enabledEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-9312sharding_migrateBigObject.js longer timeout for slow machinesGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9333WriteConcern with tags>2 say the write timedout, when it didn'tEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-9387expose namespace name in aboutToDelete when logging a diskloc delete (for migrations)Greg StuderClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-9399Invalid index on config.lockpings on the 2.4.1 config serverAlberto LernerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9400Certain queries can fail on collection containing compound index with "text" componentJ RassiClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9401GeoJSON Parser: Can't extract geo keys from object, malformed geometry?Hari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3Sub-taskSERVER-9411Minimal implementation that can replace BSONObjExtSorter and build indexesMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9417opReplicatedEnough should assert on step downEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9419initial_sync4.js failing on Windows DEBUGEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9421queryoptimizer3.js failing during parallel tests basic and basicPlusEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9452index rebuilder can't use DBDirectClient to query the list of namespacesEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9474Members not caught up to minvalid can later inadvertently delay state change to SECONDARYEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-94842dsphere Index may not return all documents for $near and geoNearHari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9502Using regex in _id breaks replicationEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9512C++ driver compilation failureMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9528Retry network errors during initial sync document copiesEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9538mongodb 2.4.3 crash : BufBuilder attempted to grow() to 134217728 bytes, past the 64MB limitMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9546failure in zbigMapReduce.js on windows 64 debugBen BeckerClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9578mongos dies on SIGUSR1 instead of rotating logsEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9618server8070.js failing intermittently across OS X buildersUnassignedClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9621closeall.js failing on new windows 32-bit builderTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9623replset9.js failing on windowsTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-9636Display chunk version, not memory address, in non-default log lineTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9638no_empty_reset.js failingTad MarshallClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9647Query using compound 2dsphere index with additional descending field can block indefinitelyHari KhalsaClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9649No public role grants writebacksQueuedSpencer T BrodyClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9650rs_stepdown_and_pooling.js failing on windows 32Greg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9661config upgrade fails if collection missing "key" fieldGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9678extsorttest failures on WindowsMathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9679extsorttest failures on RHEL 6.2Mathias StearnClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9694stepdown3.js failing on SSL special builderEric MilkieClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9695Couldn't kill $where op in features3.js on RHEL 32Ben BeckerClosed
Major - P3ImprovementSERVER-9713Port remaining BSONObj named accessors to accept StringDataJ RassiClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9714auto2.js failing on Win32 builderGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9718authCommands.js waits too short a time for migrationsGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9719sharding_multiple_ns_rs.js use wait logic instead of sleep to make sure new primary is onlineGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-9720return_partial_shards_down.js turn off balancer before manual chunk movesGreg StuderClosed
Major - P3BugSERVER-12656Spurios error "dbclient_rs _checkStatus couldn't _find" for arbitersUnassignedClosed
Minor - P4New FeatureSERVER-1367create an $eq operator for queries that works similar to $gte and $lteEliot HorowitzClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-2011mongodump, bsondump and mongoexport should only write to stderr in case of a serious errorShaun VerchClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-4836Making replica set sync ups faster will speed up development of driversEric MilkieClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-5697Unmatched quotes in regular expression cause JS shell to enter multi-line modeTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-6079v8 and spidermonkey handle Timestamps differentlyShaun VerchClosed
Minor - P4TaskSERVER-6526mongodb-10gen-unstable Ubuntu/Debian package is outdatedErnie HersheyClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7189Apparent typo or cut-and-paste error in src/mongo/db/db.hTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7424Shell trims multiple whitespace characters in strings when displaying (data not affected)Tad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-7430Warning about smallfiles should include filenameA. Jesse Jiryu DavisClosed
Minor - P4Sub-taskSERVER-7496Mongo.exe client crashes when username of home directory contains a unicode characterTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7728Add more details on why a shard is 'unavailable' for balancingRandolph TanClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-7974Suppress stack trace on replication errorsRandolph TanClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-8265Shell - show logs needs better error message when unauthorized.A. Jesse Jiryu DavisClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-8383Make mongos poll less aggressively for cursor timeoutGreg StuderClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-8546Add more tests covering JSON to BSON functionalityAndrew EmilClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-8558Add tests covering replica set flapping and heartbeatTimeoutSecsEric MilkieClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-8819Add round trip unit jstest framework for 10gen custom types in javascript interpreterShaun VerchClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-8820Add jstest to test argument checking of 10gen custom typesShaun VerchClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-8824Add testing for stored javascript in different contextsShaun VerchClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9047warning: failed to read from /proc/self/numa_maps: errno:2 No such file or directoryAndrew MorrowClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9050configsvr + getLastError w:1 should not return norepl error, just noteSpencer T BrodyClosed
Minor - P4QuestionSERVER-9111$CLUSTER & $SERVER databasesAndy SchwerinClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-9149dropIndexes() in the shell does not check for argumentsSteve BriskinClosed
Minor - P4TaskSERVER-9188Revert isMaster behavior wrt godScopeScott HernandezClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9315local.slaves is not correctly maintained in authenticated system.Spencer T BrodyClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9396otherLock cache variable was not workingDwight MerrimanClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9491Upper chunk key not written properly to the log in some placesScott HernandezClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9542Incorrectly coded chunk/shard version comparisonTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9619Test passes wrong argument to assert.soonTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-9629CoreDriver/dbclient.cpp remove unused variableMatt KangasClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9633Missing endl in two log statementsTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4ImprovementSERVER-9635Add spaces and commas to chunk displayTad MarshallClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9641correctly pass fromMigrate flag on migration index creationGreg StuderClosed
Minor - P4BugSERVER-9658Reduce frequency of debug message "we think data is in ram"Tad MarshallClosed
Trivial - P5BugSERVER-5809Double quote escaping buggedTad MarshallClosed
Trivial - P5ImprovementSERVER-6885Output of show dbs should look nicer (fixed width or smarter spacing)Tyler BrockClosed
Trivial - P5ImprovementSERVER-6929Aggregate helper is not listed in collection.help()Tyler BrockClosed
Trivial - P5ImprovementSERVER-8357Missing space in log messageTyler BrockClosed
Trivial - P5BugSERVER-8880mongo_sm.exe segfaults for certain configuration settings when building with VS2010Tad MarshallClosed
Trivial - P5ImprovementSERVER-8901Improvements to DBQuery help(), comment() and some internal refactoringJeremy MikolaClosed
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