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Make documents `inout` parameters for insertOne/insertMany so _ids can be added



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      Jason Flax suggested we could make the documents you pass into insertOne and insertMany inout, so that we could modify them to add _ids if they are missing.

      Arguments for this:

      • if you are going to use the document after you insert it, it's nice that it is updated to contain the _id.
      • quote Jason: " on mobile apps it would be standard to maintain in-memory representations of what you're inserting. So, for a ToDo list, one might insert it into the dB, while maintaining a representation in a local array field that say, a tableview would read from. Would be too expensive to constantly be doing reads for a list that recycles its cells."

      Arguments against this:

      • You can't pass in constant documents. This may lead to users having to do things like var mutableDoc = constantDoc; try myColl.insert(mutableDoc)....
      • Users may not care about / reuse the inserted documents that often in server side apps, in which case this just makes calling the method harder with no real benefit to the user.
      • For users who generate their own _ids, we will never mutate their doc, so it may be confusing/frustrating that it's inout.
      • If you care about having the _id, it's in the InsertOneResult/InsertManyResult, and you can update your local copy yourself.
      • We aren't doing general mutation on the document, only one very specific kind, and only in some cases. Users may be confused/concerned about what we are going to do to their document.
      • If insertOne/insertMany¬†throws, it may be after we've mutated the input. Users might be confused about what state they should expect the input to be in when we throw.


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