Welcome to MongoDB's Issue Tracker

    I am a customer. Where do I create a Support case?

    • MongoDB customers should always use the Support Portal to obtain the fastest response and ensure privacy.
    • MongoDB Cloud Manager or MongoDB Atlas customers should follow the Help link in Cloud Manager/ Atlas to create a ticket in the Support Portal.
    • Please note: MongoDB Support no longer utilizes JIRA. Tickets opened via JIRA will not alert the Support Team and will not trigger any SLA timers.


    I am not a customer. Where should I ask general product or support questions?

    MongoDB team members are active in community forums and you can also benefit from the experience of other MongoDB users. You should also consult our excellent documentation.


    How do I create a feature request?

    All MongoDB users can share your ideas via the MongoDB Feedback Engine.


    Which JIRA project should I use to report bugs?

    • To report potential bugs in the MongoDB database server, use Core Server (SERVER).  
    • For language-specific drivers (Java, C++, etc.), create a ticket for the relevant language driver.
    • To report a product security vulnerability, please review this reference.
    • Unless otherwise specified, comments and attachments in public projects will be visible to the public.


    How can I follow or upvote an existing issue in JIRA?

    If an issue already exists:

    • Vote for that issue to show your support. Voting provides a helpful signal to help prioritize issues in the product/development roadmap.
    • Watch an issue to subscribe to any future updates such as comments or changes in status.

    Tips for creating issues

    The more information you can provide, the easier it is for us to diagnose problems and provide support:

    • Search to find if the issue you are reporting has been reported previously
    • Include any statement or command that reproduces the issue you are experiencing
    • Mention the specific version of the database, client, and driver you are using
    • Include details about your environment, e.g. O/S, software platform, hardware, etc.

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