Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 2.0 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-4] - pooling w/ auth, reconnection w/ auth
  • [PYTHON-235] - install issues with base ubuntu ami on ec2
  • [PYTHON-247] - int32/64 conversion undocumented
  • [PYTHON-252] - _cbson crash/vulnerability (denial of service)
  • [PYTHON-253] - ValueError: time argument too large (pure python BSON decoder on 32-bit)
  • [PYTHON-257] - _cmessage is not being used by pymongo
  • [PYTHON-259] - find_and_modify + field returns nothing but _id
  • [PYTHON-261] - RuntimeError: Set changed size during iteration, when connecting to a replica set (new behavior with this version)


  • [PYTHON-189] - Caught OperationFailure while rendering: command SON([('count', u'post'), ('query', {'_types': 'Post'}), ('fields', None)]) failed: db assertion failure
  • [PYTHON-192] - document behaviour wrt Unicode
  • [PYTHON-262] - Windows x86_64 installers.


  • [PYTHON-39] - Cursors should be their own context managers.
  • [PYTHON-150] - database helper to list installed SONManipulators
  • [PYTHON-162] - Patch for pymongo.Connection to perform automatic per-socket authentication for databases after first authentication
  • [PYTHON-164] - provide an easier way to fsync-lock and unlock server
  • [PYTHON-176] - add a direct_only (or similar) to Connection
  • [PYTHON-181] - Specify safe mode on the Connection, DB, and Collection levels
  • [PYTHON-190] - system_js item assignment
  • [PYTHON-209] - make GridOut objects in GridFS (more) file-like
  • [PYTHON-218] - Connection does not prefer its original host
  • [PYTHON-224] - Option to disable manipulators for Collection.find
  • [PYTHON-229] - Python driver should block on if cursor is tailable and there are no more results
  • [PYTHON-239] - map_reduce out parameter should take a string or an object
  • [PYTHON-242] - Add cursor.add_option/remove_option(int)
  • [PYTHON-243] - Move URI parser out of into it's own module.
  • [PYTHON-244] - Connection error is misleading when attempting to connect to a slave
  • [PYTHON-246] - Support setting slaveok at the database and collection levels
  • [PYTHON-248] - pymongo.collection.Collection.reIndex() is missing
  • [PYTHON-250] - Documentation incorrect for bson.objectid.ObjectId

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