Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 2.7.2 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-710] - SON objects should not make deep dict conversion on comparison.
  • [PYTHON-712] - ObjectId.is_valid(None) returns True
  • [PYTHON-732] - Rare connection pool leak after network error with auth
  • [PYTHON-736] - Socket leak on exhaust query failure


  • [PYTHON-705] - Handle Bulk API edge case for pre-2.6 servers when upserted _id not returned
  • [PYTHON-709] - Why is missing '_id'-field fix early now?
  • [PYTHON-714] - Work around localhost exception issues in add_user when connected to MongoDB >= 2.7.1


  • [PYTHON-738] - Docs for pymongo.collection.Collection.insert() state that it accepts "any iterable"

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