Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 3.0.3 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-932] - Error in GSSAPI / Kerberos
  • [PYTHON-933] - "maxPoolSize=0" allowed, causes hang
  • [PYTHON-934] - Unable to specify ssl_match_hostname option using URI style connection string
  • [PYTHON-939] - Monitor threads slow to terminate on application shutdown.
  • [PYTHON-942] - Error in changelog guidance for Python 3 (find timeout parameter)
  • [PYTHON-946] - Undocumented regression in Collection.find - projection tuple no longer allowed
  • [PYTHON-951] - Corrupt GridFS files can send / readline into an infinite loop


  • [PYTHON-945] - Remove validation of the OP_REPLY "startingFrom" field


  • [PYTHON-940] - Unhelpful and pretty wrong error message
  • [PYTHON-954] - TxMongo is recommended for production use

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