Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 3.2.1 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-1031] - GridFsBucket.download_to_stream raises TypeError
  • [PYTHON-1044] - Improve error handling and messages for unknown BSON types
  • [PYTHON-1047] - Collection.inline_map_reduce runs the mapreduce command twice per call
  • [PYTHON-1050] - PeriodicExecutor "cannot join thread before it is started"


  • [PYTHON-1021] - Fix test.version to handle "git describe" generated server version numbers
  • [PYTHON-1041] - Update command monitoring spec tests to latest


  • [PYTHON-1029] - Drivers must raise an error if response messageLength > ismaster.maxMessageSizeBytes
  • [PYTHON-1036] - Use setVersion and electionId to detect stale primaries
  • [PYTHON-1052] - Modernize delegated authentication examples

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