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CMake 'distcheck' strips make options/switches

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    • 1.10.0
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      I recently noticed that the implementation of the 'distcheck' target in the CMake build strips any options that are passed to make. For instance, make -j 8 distcheck will result in a plain invocation of make (without the -j 8).

      @jesse , what I need to know in order to implement a fix is whether you prefer that the 'distcheck' invocation pass all given parameters to the make that gets invoked for the build, or if it should require the options be specified in a variable, like make distcheck BUILD_OPTS="-j 8". I prefer the variable approach, as it allows specifying different options/switches/variables for different stages of the build (e.g., build, check, install, etc.). Thoughts?

            roberto.sanchez@mongodb.com Roberto Sanchez
            roberto.sanchez@mongodb.com Roberto Sanchez
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