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Multi-threaded scanning should scan servers independently

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    • 1.17.0-beta2, 1.17.0
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    • Component/s: SDAM
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      For a client pool, the background topology scanner runs a complete scan of all servers after heartbeatFrequencyMS has passed (or sooner, if a scan is requested).

      The background scan uses mongoc_topology_scan_once. This fans out "ismaster" commands and waits for all responses before another scan can be scheduled.

      A big problem with this, is that a slow server could block the next scheduled scan of all other servers. The timeout of an "ismaster" in scanning is connectTimeoutMS, which may exceed heartbeatFrequencyMS. This scenario can easily happen:

      1. Scan requested
      2. "ismaster" is sent to servers X and Y
      3. X responds quickly, but Y hangs for connectTimeoutMS.
      4. The "ismaster" to X times out.
      5. The background thread sees that more than heartbeatFrequencyMS has passed and starts a new complete scan.

      I've reproduced this behavior by modifying example-sdam-monitoring.c. It overrides the stream initializer to simulate a slow connection to one server.

      Running it against a two node replica set shows the behavior:

      $ example-sdam-monitoring "mongodb://localhost:27017,localhost:27018/?connectTimeoutMS=20000&heartbeatFrequencyMS=1000"
      2020/04/15 13:37:54.0521: [78700]:    DEBUG:       mongoc: localhost:27017 heartbeat started
      2020/04/15 13:37:54.0524: [78700]:    DEBUG:       mongoc: localhost:27018 heartbeat started
      2020/04/15 13:38:14.0633: [78700]:    DEBUG:       mongoc: localhost:27018 heartbeat failed: socket timeout calling ismaster on 'localhost:27018'
      2020/04/15 13:38:15.0137: [78700]:    DEBUG:       mongoc: localhost:27017 heartbeat started

      The second heartbeat to localhost:27017 is blocked by the 20 second connection timeout.

      This behavior is unavoidable for single-threaded scans, but should not be the case for multi-threaded scans. Servers should be scanned at their own intervals (which also better aligns with the server monitoring spec).

            kevin.albertson@mongodb.com Kevin Albertson
            kevin.albertson@mongodb.com Kevin Albertson
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