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Map Cmd-R (Ctrl-R) to reloading data only, Cmd-Shift-R app reload

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    • 1.16.0
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    • Iteration Cashew, Iteration Daikon Radish

      This request has been made many times, e.g. this intercom conversation:

      Based on email discussion with Sam, Dana, Fred (see below), let's make the following changes:

      Cmd-R (Ctrl-R on Windows/Linux) should reload data only. No app refresh.


      • always trigger a reload of the sidebar, and
      • if the user is on the instance level databases view: refresh the list of databases
      • if the user is on the instance level RTSS view, reset the view
      • if the user is on the database level collections view: refresh the list of collections
      • if the user is on one of the collection level tabs, additionally execute the following action:
        • Documents tab: reload the documents (like the dedicated Refresh button)
        • Schema tab: execute a new schema sampling with the same query
        • Explain tab: execute a new explain plan with the same query
        • Indexes tab: refresh indexes
        • Document validation: reload validation rules

      Cmd-Shift-R (Ctrl-Shift-R on Windows/Linux) should reload the app (behavior that is Cmd-R today).

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