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New connect screen favorites issues



    • Type: Bug
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    • Fix Version/s: 1.20.0
    • Component/s: Connectivity
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      When I start Compass from master, I first get several keychain password requests. Then, after Compass loads and the connect screen is displayed, I get more password requests. This happens also after restarting Compass.

      Update: the double round of keychain requests does not happen anymore, but I still see one round of keychain requests every time I open Compass. That's why I put COMPASS-3235 into the sprint.

      New Connection in the sidebar remains selected after clicking on a favorite

      When selecting existing favorites that were migrated, the SSL configuration does not seem to be set so the connection fails.

      For existing favorites that were migrated I don't seem to be able to connect to Atlas, even after setting the SSL configuration manually

      If I copy-paste a connection string from the Atlas UI and add the right username/password to it Compass connects successfully. I am not sure if maybe the SSL configuration is not being passed into the connection model. Attaching an example of favorite that was migrated ( favorite-migrated.json ) vs the same favorite re-created by copy-pasting the connect string from Atlas ( favorite-created-brand-new.json ).

      Not sure what to do about this, but password is displayed in clear text when switching to connection string view

      When I select a favorite and switch to "connection string view" I am actually switched back to "new connection"

      When I select a favorite, it is displayed by default in "individual fields" mode. When I click on "Paste connection string", I am switched to creating a new connection.
      This could make sense and might also somehow solve the problem above (password in clear text) but the UX feels a bit weird.
      There is also a use-case of users wanting to copy the connection string to use e.g. with the shell that we may want to keep in mind.


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