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compass-crud: initial load when loading large documents runs out of RAM



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      Seems like with documents over a particular size, electron runs out of RAM even with allowDiskUse:true flag. Issue originally reported on github – https://github.com/mongodb-js/compass/issues/1894

      Description from github:
      "Feature Request
      When I try to connect to mongodb server that have 14MB for each document (like a document that have one binary field) in the collection (around 10 documents is enough to trigger this behavior) the hosted mongodb atlas in *.mongodb.net will report error as matched documents exceed 100MB and they do not fit into the RAM - even if the client passes allowDiskUse:true the hosted server will ignore this.
      When this happens Documents tab on it's initial load will show there is no documents and on the bottom it will popup line bar saying loading error from server (I need to then use projection to exclude the document field that is the huge binary data in order to load the set)
      As this is fine - e.g. I could alter the query to not load more stuff into the result set it would be beneficial to try to load documents by using id only projection at least to see some documents and have some warning that a projection was used as having No Documents seems like the collection is empty if no one pay attention to the warning loading error that disappear after some time

      As for Aggregate tab - this is where it is not usable as the tab will not render any content into itself - e.g. it will be empty so a client of mongodb UI can't use this tab at all - I can't change the filter/aggregate etc

      Detailed Description
      At least fix Aggregate tab to work - e.g. to be able to add aggregation and test it out

      Have ability to use aggregations even if the documents in mongodb are huge

      I'm using Windows version of MongoDB Compass Comunity UI version 1.20.3"




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