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Remove or improve global scrollbar styling in Compass

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      Global scrollbar styles are here: https://github.com/mongodb-js/compass/blob/main/packages/compass-home/src/index.less#L71
      We should remove them as they can negatively impact a number of scrolling views in Compass, especially dark theme. If there are places where we want this previous scrollbar styling behavior we should target them specifically (probably sync with claudia.deangelis here if there are any places we don't want the default web scrollbar styles).

      Once we've removed those we can look into the places in Compass where we're setting the scrollbar explicitly as it may be places where we were adjusting as a result of those global styles.
      https://github.com/mongodb-js/compass/blob/main/packages/compass-shell/src/components/compass-shell/compass-shell.jsx#L26 is an example of this

      Somethings to consider:

      • Should the scrollbar always be shown or only on content hover (see vscode as an example of this behavior).
      • Should we keep the border radius of the scrollbar
      • How does the scrollbar look on different color backgrounds

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