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Count in Aggregation tab is not updated after a deletion after first calculation



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    • Minor - P4
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    • 1.33.1
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    • Aggregation pipeline, Count
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    • mac 12.6
      Compass 1.33.1
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      Problem Statement/Rationale

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      After running an aggregation pipeline, Count is not accurate after a deletion, even after clicking "Run (aggregation button)" button. Must use "Edit" button>"Run">"count results" link. (This is also a bit clunky as "count results" link is an additional step).

      Steps to Reproduce

      How could an engineer replicate the issue you’re reporting?

      1. Run aggregate query
      2. Get count
      3. Delete or add a document in a different tab
      4. Click Run from the original tab to re-run the aggregate, the count does not refresh
        To see the updated count
      5. Click Edit
      6. Re-run the aggregate and then click to show the count, the updated count is displayed

      Expected Results

      What do you expect to happen?

      Accurate count always

      Actual Results

      What do you observe is happening?

      Count is not being updated after a deletion in Documents tab or deletion using mongo shell.

      Additional Notes

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