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Export to Language (Java) has incorrect class name

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    • 1.35.0
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    • Iteration Quahog, Iteration Ragfish

      Problem Statement/Rationale

      The code generated when exporting an aggregation to a pipeline is incorrect for the Java driver, when selecting "Include Driver Syntax".

      Steps to Reproduce

      Create any aggregation pipeline in the UI. Export to Language.  JAVA.  Check both Include Driver Syntax and Include Import Statements. 
      h3. Expected Results
      The generated code includes:

      AggregateIterable<Document> result = collection.aggregate(Arrays.asList(new Document("$count", "string")));

      Actual Results

      The generated code includes:

      FindIterable<Document> result = collection.aggregate(Arrays.asList(new Document("$count", "string")));

      but this won't compile, because the aggregate method returns an AggregateIterable not a FindIterable.

      It's also not strictly speaking a "result", because after executing that line of code no commands have yet to be sent to the server.  It's not until you call a terminal operation on the Iterable (cursor, into, first) that anything actually happens.

      Additional Notes

      From this community post: https://www.mongodb.com/community/forums/t/java-code-generated-by-compass-does-not-work/189723/3

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