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Clear the "Drop Collection" Modal input if "

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    • 1.39.2
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      OS: masOS Version 13.3.1 (22E261)
      node.js / npm versions: v16.16.0/9.8.0
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    • Iteration Hagryphus

      Problem Statement/Rationale

      Whenever a user tries to drop a collection(let's say collection A), and does so successfully they have to type in the name of the collection.

      After that if they goto another collection(let's say collection B) and try to drop that collection as well, they see that in the prompt they still see the previously dropped collections' name(collection A).

      Steps to Reproduce

      Pre-requisites: 2 collections in your database

      1. Right click on the the first collection - A
      2. Click on "Drop collection" in the context menu
      3. Fill in the collections name in the opened modal and press the button "Drop Collection"
      4. Right click on the the second collection - B
      5. Click on "Drop collection" in the context menu

      Expected Results

      After step 5, the expectation would be to have the collection A's name removed from the input.

      Actual Results

      After step 5, the actual result is that collection A's name is visible in the collection B's Drop Collection Modal

      Additional Notes

      Any additional information that may be useful to include.

            sergey.petushkov@mongodb.com Sergey Petushkov
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