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The wait queue for acquiring a connection to server is full

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    • Affects Version/s: 2.0
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      Win 8.1 x64, MongoDB 2.6.7

      I wanted to try the new 2.0 async features and used the C# Driver Tutorial with the following snippet:

      Parallel.For(0, 100000, async _ =>
      var e = new Entity

      { Name = "Tom" }

      await collection.InsertOneAsync(e);

      But after a short period my program fails:

      Unhandled Exception:
      Unhandled Exception:
      Unhandled Exception: MongoDB.Driver.MongoWaitQueueFullException: The wait queue
      for acquiring a connection to server localhost:27017 is full.
      at MongoDB.Driver.Core.ConnectionPools.ExclusiveConnectionPool.<AcquireConnec
      — End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown —

      When I change the connectionstring to: "mongodb://localhost?maxpoolsize=20000 it seems to work, but hogs alot of memory (> 1GB Ram).

      Btw. 1.1.0 works totally fine.

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