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A very simple mongodb insert code gave wrong result

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      As I'm studying MongoDB I create a smplest mongodb code as the following:


      var mongo = MongoServer.Create("mongodb://"); //My mongodb server runing on my virtual box

      for (int i = 0; i < 100000; i++)
      var tmp = new BsonDocument {

      { "a", i }




      Simple enough, right? Things got weired when I try to get the count of db.foo, here's the output from my linux console:

      1. ./mongo
        MongoDB shell version: 2.0.0
        connecting to: test
        > db.foo.count() <--- Before I ran the sample code above
        > use db
        switched to db db
        > db.foo.count()
        98954 <--- After


      According to the sample code, where it is 98954 should be 100000.

      I've repeated this code many times, results vary but none of them reached 100000.

      To be more sure, I run the same code using WinForm instead of WinConsole project, magically every single time the result is right. The same with Website Project. So I can be certain there's nothing wrong with my mongodb server but very likely something wrong with the driver with winconsole mode under my VS C# 2010.

      I also gave this code to some of my coleagues who confirmed my above findings.

            robert@mongodb.com Robert Stam
            wizbe WizBe Li
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