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document::element::operator[] overloads should not throw when given an invalid element

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    • 3.0.3
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      bsoncxx::document::element::operator[] is documented as non-throwing, however the expression bsoncxx::document::element{}["foo"] throws.

      A fix for this issue was attempted in CXX-862, but the fix was incomplete.

      Original description:

      bsoncxx::document view blubb;

      if( blubb["jolo"] )
      => false

      if( blubb["jolo"][1] )
      terminate called after throwing an instance of 'bsoncxx::v_noabi::exception'
      what(): unset document::element
      For this, can the exception say, that I'm out of bound of a array, or that no array is existing?
      Most awesome would be if the exception would tell the non existing position.

      This behavior is a bit misleading. I would assume for both the upper behavior in just returning a true or false.

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