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mongocxx::uri::database() segfaults if no database specified in URL

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    • 3.2.0-rc0
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      mongocxx::uri uri{mongocxx::uri::k_default_uri};
      std::cout << uri.database() << std::endl;


      • Should print out the empty string. Or, well, there's some room for debase here. It would also be ok if it asserted, if there were some sort of "has_database()" method so I can check whether a database is present.


      • On my Mac (OS X Sierra), crashes with a segmentation fault. On my Linux box (Ubuntu 16.04), dumps some scary-looking memory debug information and exits.


      The root of the problem appears to be in the deceptively-simple-looking "mongocxx::uri::database()":

      std::string uri::database() const {
          return libmongoc::uri_get_database(_impl->uri_t);

      libmongoc::uri_get_database() returns a char*. Because we are returning a std::string, C++ performs an implicit cast.

      If no database was specified in the URI, uri_get_database() returns NULL, not (for example) "". I think this is an entirely reasonable C API. However, the implicit std::string(const char*) constructor requires/assumes that the char* point to a valid string. When passed a NULL pointer, it dereferences that pointer and causes a segfault.

      A trivial solution would be to add a helper that handles NULL somehow. For example:

      std::string safe_string(const char* ch)
          if (!ch) { return ""; }
          return std::string(ch);
      std::string uri::database() const {
          return safe_string(libmongoc::uri_get_database(_impl->uri_t));

      But there are a bunch of design decisions here. Also, just glancing at the code in this file, I suspect that some other accessors on this class may be affected by the same issue.

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