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Investigate changes in SERVER-46123: Make the dropDatabase command abort in-progress index builds


      Downstream Change Summary

      The "dropDatabase" command now aborts in-progress index builds on all the collections belonging to the specified database being dropped. After any in-progress index builds are aborted, we proceed with dropping each collection, ready indexes for each collection and the database itself. Previously, if there were any in-progress index builds on any collection belonging to the database, the command would return the "BackgroundOperationInProgressForNamespace" error code.

      Description of Linked Ticket

      While dropping a database, it should abort any in-progress index builds.

      Aborting the index will produce an abortIndexBuilds oplog entry, which suffices for in-progress index builds when dropping the database. Secondaries should not abort in-progress index builds but instead wait for the abortIndexBuilds oplog entry.

      Scope of changes

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