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Go driver getting started instructions do not work

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      page: https://docs.mongodb.com/drivers/go/

      The example to connect to Atlas is not possible to get working, users receive a code error:

      ./goproj.go:14:2: client declared but not used

      It looks like I need to read "Usage" on Github to see whats missing. Which, if I was a newer MongoDB customer this would be a pain, especially if I just wanted to test connecting or wanted quick bootstrap code like our other driver docs offer. This instruction is so barebones, _you actually have to read GitHub. _

      You have to add an additional option for client in this case.
      I added this:
      err = client.Ping(ctx, readpref.Primary())
      This satisfied the client variable use.
      Because without, you get the error above. There might be other ways that are better, unclear.

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