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Prohibit find() with no selector in Bulk API

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      There's been a clarification to the spec: The Bulk API's find() method requires a selector. (Also known as a "query" or a "spec".) It should immediately raise the appropriate compile error or runtime exception if called like:

      // Prohibited:

      Calling find() with an empty selector is fine:



      We're updating APIs to follow these principles:

      1. Keep allowing users to read documents without specifying a query: find().
      2. Require users to specify a query when updating or removing documents. remove() is prohibited.
      3. The empty query "{}" counts as a query. remove({}) is ok.

      For example, in SERVER-12409 we prohibit collection.remove() in the shell. collection.remove({}) is still ok, because the user has expressed a desire to deliberately remove all documents.

      Fluent and Bulk API specifications have been updated to match these principles.

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