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VersionedAPI: Reimplement 'distinct' in 4.9+



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      Filed in regard to this thread in the project channel.

      From Andreas in the thread:

      Indeed, there’s a bit of a race here. The version 1 API does not include the count or distinct commands, which is why I decided to test the CRUD API on a client with a strict API version to ensure that this API will always work regardless of server version a user is connected to. Since the pieces weren’t in place at the time, I knew that these tests would fail eventually, so skipping until we update the logic makes sense. DRIVERS-1437 will track this, and we should also have one to track re-implementing distinct in 4.9+ (didn’t find one, but I’m sure @Alexander Golin has a better overview).
      I initially planned to have drivers skip the estimatedDocumentCount and distinct API tests based on their progress on replacing implementations to make sure this doesn’t fly under the radar, but we can skip them in the spec for the time being…we’ll just have to remember to un-skip them once the respective drivers tickets have been completed (hence me leaning to have each drivers skip them individually)


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