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Update .evergreen/auth_aws/aws_e2e_ec2.js for evergreen changes

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      PYTHON-3659 Gone away
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      What is the problem or use case, what are we trying to achieve?
      .evergreen/auth_aws/aws_e2e_ec2.js is failing in evergreen


      Who is the affected end user?

      Driver developers

      How does this affect the end user?

      Driver developers see red in Evergreen.

      How likely is it that this problem or use case will occur?

      This failure is consistent and repeated.

      If the problem does occur, what are the consequences and how severe are they?

      Minor annoyance

      Is this issue urgent?

      Not urgent

      Is this ticket required by a downstream team?

      No. One change to https://github.com/mongodb-labs/drivers-evergreen-tools should be sufficient.

      Is this ticket only for tests?

      Yes, this ticket is only for tests

      Acceptance Criteria

      Passing tests in Evergreen

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