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Test Serverless behind a load balancer to prevent test breakage


      TheĀ serverless test suite is currently run directly against Atlas proxies, as this allows drivers to run certain test against a single proxy if required (e.g. if a failpoint needs to be tripped) and target failpoints to individual proxies (e.g. for the mongos pinning tests). However, in the near future the proxies will be moving behind a load balancer, which makes both of these impossible.

      The existing load balancer tests avoid this issue by spinning up two different load balancers, one that fronts a single mongos and one that fronts multiple, and conditionally uses each as necessary. We could consider doing something similar for serverless, though it would require changes Atlas side.

      Without a solution to this problem, drivers testing of serverless will be limited.

      Does this ticket have a required timeline? What is it?
      All serverless instances will be moving behind load balancers in ~1 month.

      Is this ticket only for tests?


      Notes for Language Authors

      Drivers that already implemented Serverless testing before load balancing must opt in to testing load balanced Serverless instances.

      • Pass LOADBALANCED=ON as an environment variable to .evergreen/serverless/create-instance.sh to create a load balanced AWS backed instance.
      • Use the new expansions SINGLE_ATLASPROXY_LB_URI and MULTI_ATLASPROXY_LB_URI in place of SINGLE_LB_MONGOS_URI and MULTI_LB_MONGOS_URI in load balancer tests.
      • See the Go POC for an example of updating existing Serverless.

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