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Unable to specify an index hint using a String in legacy driver 4.3

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    • 4.4.0
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      Hi there,

      We are currently attempting to upgrade a the Clojure MongoDB driver from Java driver 3.12 to 4.3. We have hit a problem trying to specify the index to use by name when issuing a find command.

      We are being very careful and trying to ensure that we do not break the API.

      We have a com.mongodb.DBCollection object, and we are attempting to call .find, in such a way that we can also specify an index hint using the String name of the index.

      The previous code called the .hint function that takes a String argument, the name of the index.

      I can't find a way to achieve the same result in the 4.3 legacy driver.

      The .find function on DBCollection doesn't accept a hint. It returns a DBCursor though.

      I can set a hint on the DBCursor, but this artity only accepts a sequence of DB keys as the hint, not the string name of the index.


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