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Fix and disable ServerDiscoveryAndMonitoringProseTests.testConnectionPoolManagement

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    • 4.5.0
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      ServerDiscoveryAndMonitoringProseTests.testConnectionPoolManagement started failing like this after implementing JAVA-4449. This is a manifestation of a bug in the test, because the test relies on the assumption that ServerHeartbeatFailedEvent is ordered before ConnectionPoolClearedEvent that is caused by it. The corresponding test scenario in the spec does not make the same assumption: it does not expect any order between events in the phrase "Verify that a ServerHeartbeatFailedEvent and a ConnectionPoolClearedEvent (CMAP) are emitted."

      Another problem is that JAVA-4449 actually eliminated ordering relations that are expected by the aforementioned test. However, neither SDAM nor CMAP specs require such ordering relations outside of the test. I filed DRIVERS-2194, and for now we need to disable the test.

            valentin.kovalenko@mongodb.com Valentin Kavalenka
            valentin.kovalenko@mongodb.com Valentin Kavalenka
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