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Document readonly attributes ignoring assignment

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    • 8.0.1
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      https://docs.mongodb.com/mongoid/master/tutorials/mongoid-documents/#read-only-attributes says:

      You can tell Mongoid that certain attributes are read-only. This will allow documents to be created with these attributes, but changes to them will be ignored when using mass update methods such as update_attributes:

      Individual assignment appears to be equally ignored:

      band = Band.create(name: "Placebo")
      => #<Band _id: 6064c0b62c97a64f8c38172b, name: "Placebo", origin: nil>
      irb(main):074:0> band.name='x'
      => "x"
      irb(main):075:0> band
      => #<Band _id: 6064c0b62c97a64f8c38172b, name: "Placebo", origin: nil>
      irb(main):076:0> band.name
      => "Placebo"

      The individual assignment should either raise ReadonlyAttribute instead of being ignored like that or this behavior should be documented.

      Alternatively, if this is the desired behavior, adding a use case to documentation would help clarify when one should use read-only attributes.

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