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Add os info to telemetry in MONGOSH

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    • 1.6.1
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      We don't have info about users os beside process.platform (linux, darwin, win32) and process.arch.

      We usually need to know more to understand for example how many users are adopting a new os, or if support for an old os can be dropped.

      Also with `process.platform` + `process.arch` we are not able to see how many users are on M1 already.

      We want to add the following stats on `identify`:

      os_type: string; // os.type()
      os_version: string; // os.version() - this also allows us to identify M1s installations even when running on rosetta
      os_arch: string; // os.arch();
      os_linux_dist?: string; // if linux the name of the distribution or Unknown if can't detect
      os_linux_release?: string; // if linux the version of the distribution or Unknown if can't detect

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