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Create shell helpers for checkMetadataConsistency command

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      In PM-3020 we added a new command checkMetadataConsistency that returns a cursor.

      The command can be invoke at collection, database or cluster level and we should expose helpers for each level.

      • Collection:
        The command is invoked on "db" and the name of the collection is passed as command parameter
        db.coll.checkMetadataConsistency(optionalOptions = {})
      • Database:
        The command is invoked on "db" and command parameter is either empty string "" or 1
        db.checkMetadataConsistency(optionalOptions = {})
      • Cluster level
        The command is invoked on "admin" database and command parameter is either empty string "" or 1
        This level could be exposed either as sh function (I found this more intuitive):
        sh.checkClusterMetadataConsistency(optionaOptions = {})

        Or we can reuse the database helper and call it on the "admin" database:

        db.getSiblingDB('admin').checkMetadataConsistency(optionaOptions = {})

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